Dermatology, esthetics, health and wellness at the same place. Amaderm understands skin as a surface of several internal changes that reveal the patient’s health. That is the reason why Amaderm Advanced Medicine offers to their patients an unique service, using the latest equipments and treatments.

Under the dermatologist Dr. Adriana Aquino’s control, AmaDerm has built a multi-disciplinary center with experts in Dermatology, Endocrinology, Esthetics, Physiotherapy and Homeopathy uniting practical and scientifically knowledge to develop personal programs, to improve the patient’s beauty, health and wellness.


The Medical Ethics Code rules all the Amaderm Advanced Medicine’s team. From reception to office, the patient is treated with attention and kindness, considering which one’s exclusive characters. Continuous treatment and patient's follow-up are also part of the AmaDerm’s attitude towards caring with everyone’s health and wellness.

AmaDerm follows the brazilian Medical Ethics Code, and the Guide of Ethics and Values for Medicine and Health Websites.